Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthdays Vegas Style

Last Saturday was both my MOH and bestie, and my best guy friends birthday.  In the past we have celebrated by taking a trip somewhere up north in NM where we can rent out a cozy cabin and play in the snow for the long weekend.

This year we decided to save some money and do something a little different.

For about 3 years in a row we celebrated my birthday in Vegas.  We haven't gone for the past 2 years because everyone has been getting married and/or engaged and it's just too darned expensive.

Soooo, we decided that for Dig and Jay's birthdays we'd bring Vegas to US!

And boy did we!

Janean and Lauren ordered a TON of decorations and totally transformed Jay and Janean's house into a mini Vegas!  A whole room set up to look like a club (and one of our favorite clubs at that, The Rockhouse!).  Another room had casino games and the dining room table was converted into a poker table where the guys spent most of their night.
Dance Party 2013!

Each of the birthday kids got their own Vegas inspired drink and I made 100% totally homemade Vegas inspired cupcakes for each of them.

Dig's Vegas drink named after her favorite slot machine!
Jay had some purple ddrraannnkkk
Side note:  Super proud and boastful of myself with those damn cupcakes.  I made Jay a Guinness chocolate cupcake with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting, and I made Dig a white russian cupcake that was brushed with Kahlua and had a little vodka and Kahlua in the whipped cream frosting.  YUMMO!!!


N.E.Wayz (did anyone else used to write like that?! Anyone? No?  MAN how annoying that is!) - we danced and drank and laughed the night away.  We also made it a potluck event so there was a TON of Vegas-y foods to get down on.

My love was a HOT PIECE in his suit! Ow Ow!!
 I'm pretty partial to my own birthday - but all in all I have to say that this is most definitely one for the record books.  As in one of the best parties that we've ever thrown and that says a LOT because several of us have been friends for like 15 years.

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