Thursday, February 7, 2013

Turtle Pace, Superbowl, and All Things Random

It is NO. JOKE. that metabolism slows down with age.  When I first dropped the 25ish pounds a few years ago, I was 26 and it felt like the weight flew off.  I'm only 29 now, but I can definitely tell/feel the change in my body.  In January I lost a total of 7.2 pounds, and while I know that's a lot - it was still semi-frustrating to me that the pace has slowed down so much.

Before, I would be charting 2 and 3 lb losses each week.

Now, I'm lucky if I get over a pound.

I keep reminding myself that the fact that the number is lower is all that matters.  I'm thankful that it's changing at all!

My family is noticing the change too, which helps keep my head in the game.  Brian makes comments about how my pants are fitting a bit more loosely which I love.

My engagement ring is becoming a bit looser on my finger as well.  It's the small things, people!

I put myself to the test on Superbowl Sunday and I failed miserably. Jenny and Jeff (future SIL and BIL) decided to start P90X again the following day so they wanted to go down in flames.

Mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, taquitos, 7 layer dip, chips, meatballs in green chile sauce, pot stickers, chocolate eclairs for dessert.


I made my own cheese sticks with low fat string cheese and egg roll wrappers and although I did eat a few of those instead of the other choice - that didn't stop me from literally shoveling all the rest of the junk food into my pie hole.

No joke, it was like someone took over my body and just kept on a'shoveling. I had no willpower what so ever.

And although it was massively disappointing and I totally let myself down, I did what I did and had to get back to it.

So Monday found me counting my calories again, and my booty was on the treadmill at the gym doing my C25K.

I've already admitted to the fact that I'm a religious scale hopper.  I didn't weight myself on Monday because I knew I'd get discouraged and say "oh well!" But I did weigh myself yesterday and guess what? I had LOST WEIGHT!

Further proof to myself that if I "just keep swimming" I'll be ok in the end.

I also bit the bullet and called to schedule an alterations appointment for my wedding dress.  Right now it fits me pretty well, but that's not what I want .... I want to take that sucker in!

So knowing that there is a set date in my head where I will be fitted helps me a little bit too.  I've already told my MIL that I'll try on the dress the next time I'm at her house for dinner, which will be not this Sunday but next.  Here's to hoping it's a teensy tiny bit looser! =)))))

In other random news, Brian and I are going to get our wedding registry done tonight.  I am SO EXCITED for this part!  Hopefully our house will sell before the wedding, and we'll be able to "start fresh" with lots of new goodies for the new place!

And I also think that it's finally HIT me that the wedding is just a little over 3 months away now.  YIKES!

114 Days until I'm a Mrs.!!!!!!!

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