Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The One Where I Brag on My Man

Last week was terrible.


It stunk.

It's all a post of it's own - but the point is that I came home from work almost every single day disheartened and all around bummed out.  The best part of that?  I only technically worked for 3 days!  It's also the cause of my lack of posts - I had NO energy to get things done!!

That's where Brian came in.  Something was a little different in him last week and whatever it was, I hope it sticks around!!

See, Brian is an all around amazing guy.  We fight like hell sometimes - but he really does treat me like a Queen. It's just that last week, my pedestal was a little bit higher than it usually is - which makes me want to brag a bit and always remember the week from hell turned awesome because of him.

By Wednesday morning I wanted to throw the alarm clock away and call in sick to work. But as any teacher knows - it was the day before Valentine's Day, we were off of school on the actual VDay, and that means that I had already promised my kids their VDay party that afternoon.  I was screwed - work here I come.

My morning started off shitty again - until around 10 when I got a call from the office that I had a delivery.

The red ones are my favorite!! 

My sweet fiance had my normal VDay flowers sent a day earlier because he knew I'd be in Parent/Teacher conferences all day Thursday and wouldn't really get to enjoy them.  I got a beautiful bouquet of red, white, and pink tulips (one of my faves!) to stare at all day long.

Thursday morning I somehow managed to turn off my alarm and woke up over an hour late.  I was in a COMPLETE panic with only 15 minutes to get ready and out the door.

Nothing says f$#&ing awesome like getting to meet with parents ALL day without having had time to shower!! YUMMY!

Again, my sweet fiance got up with me, packed my gym bag for me (although he held up a tank top and asked "is this a sports bra?" - at least I got to laugh a little!), packed my lunch, packed my school bag, AND made me breakfast. (See why I have to get up so early? I'm a procrastinator and spend most of the morning gathering my random crap to shove into the right bag!)

As I got to work and pulled out my laptop I noticed it wasn't closed all the way.  I immediately turned bitchy again thinking "juuuuust great it wasn't shut all the way and now it's probably broken from being shoved into my bag".


I opened it to find the cutest note ever telling me that it was all going to be ok.  Topped with one of the tulips out of my bouquet! That sneaky man of mine somehow found time to do that as I was rushing around the house like a pissed off hurricane.


I came home from the gym to find the house completely spotless. When I left it looked like a tornado had gone through it!  My love had gotten off early, cleaned his heart out, gotten a low calorie dinner started for us, and there was another big pot of flowers on the dining room table for me.  

Can you tell what my favorite color is?!

He then asked what he could get for me.

Would I like a beer?  A glass of wine?  A cocktail of some kind?

Could he start a nice hot bubble bath for me?  Get me my Nook so I could catch up on my crap ass gossip magazines or finish my current book?

And did I mention that this was all less than a week after he got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled AND had a run in with dry socket?

Anyway - we had a nice dinner and a completely relaxing evening.

Friday went off without a hitch, thankfully.  I don't think I could have taken much more!  I only had to work a half day, was able to get to the gym, come home and nap before Brian and I met with my Dad and brother for dinner.  Even then he made me smile again by sneaking our server his card to pay before she even brought us the check.  I love that he thinks about my family so much and wants to do nice things for them too, even as simple as picking up a tab.

Disclaimer: I feel the need to say that obviously our relationship isn't perfect, it's far from it.  Most of the things that happened last week involved material things - and my point in writing this wasn't to display all material things - but the thoughtfulness and love behind them.  Brian is constantly doing small things for me and I appreciate each and every one of them more than he'll ever know.

It's just that last week was a small taste of hell in my world and each and every little thing he did for me helped to turn it around. I am so in love with that man!!

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