Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Keep Truckin'

That's all I've been doing.  Slowly but surely, day by day.

I had a good WI on Saturday (I forgot to WI on Friday, oops).  I lost 3.2 bringing me down to 186.1.  It was SO good to see that scale move.

I'm a dedicated scale cheater.  I really like to weight myself daily so that I'm not disappointed on Friday's.  I'm trying to work on that habit because I tend to become scale obsessed, and that's not good. Last week I was ready to chuck my scale out the window and go by a "fancier" one because I was convinced that mine was broken since the number wouldn't move down.  Not the case!!

Funny thing about my loss is that I had weighed myself Thursday morning and the number hadn't budged.  I got pissed and told Brian "forget it!! this is bullshit...I'm cheating tonight.  I want General Tso's Chicken and a crap ton of brown rice".  He obliged and even though I still watched my portions, it wasn't where I wanted to be calorie wise.

Even though it was a cheat, I still tracked it which is a bonus for me.

And apparently the extra calorie boost (oh, and the 4 glasses of wine) was what I needed to see that number drop a bit.

It was also the motivation I needed to realize that I was being a dumb ass and don't need to give up over one bad day on the scale.

So I've been truckin' along, doing my thang on the elliptical every day/night - and yesterday I got back on the 30DS bandwagon.

If you know me...you'll know that I am NOT a morning person, so this next part should blow you away.

Last night around 9 I got a phone call from our school district saying that our pitiful amount of snow was causing us to be on a 2 hour delay today.

Instead of using those 2 hours for extra sleep....I got up at my normal time which is crack of doom o'thirty. After stretching and giving myself a few pep talks I suited up and did 30DS in my living room. That took about 25ish minutes....then I hauled my not a morning person ass into the bedroom and hopped on the elliptical for another 35ish minutes.  What the what?!

Guess what?

I felt great.

It was an awesome start to my morning!  Brian is out of town for work, so that made it a little easier because I wasn't waking him up by being in our room.  Problem?  Doing this on a regular basis would mean me getting up by about 4:20, give or take 10 minutes.

Am I that dedicated?  I'm not sure.  That's what this week is about...trial and error while Brian is gone.

I usually have no problem working out in the afternoon....but I gotta tell you.  I'm home, in my relaxing clothes right now watching my DVR'd shows and knowing that I don't have to go jump on Bob (the elliptical, don't ask) is really nice.  I've already felt the burn today.  I'm actually thinking about going for a round 2, but I don't wanna burn myself out.

So we'll see....but for now....juuuuuuust keep truckin'.