Friday, January 18, 2013

Wedding World 2013

That's what I'm calling this mess.  Ok, it's not a mess - but it's makin me a little nuts.  Bride Brain has officially kicked in and sometimes thinking about what still has to be done can be super overwhelming.

This weekend I finally ordered our guest book and our serving set.  Then I had a teeny tiny meltdown when I realized that I had spent 100 bones on 2 dinky items.  Why the crap are weddings so expensive?  I had my second teeny tiny meltdown when I realized that I had forgotten to order the flower girl basket.  So now I'm going to hope that David's Bridal has one in our color because I will sit  down on the floor and throw a fit if I have to spend an extra 10 bucks on shipping! Yuck.

I have to take a minute to be grateful for my future mother in law, Carmen.  She used to be a wedding planner of sorts, so she's really helped me to take this on.  My Mom got married in a court house, my Grandma thinks spending 10 dollars on something is too much, and the 2 aunts that could really help me live out of state.  So Brian's mom has really been a big help to me!

Enter: The Rehearsal Dinner (Cue: dramatic lowering of the lights and dun dun duuunnnnnnn music).

This part of the planning was stressing me out to the max.  Carmen and Erv (FIL) offered to pay for it because it's part of he groom's parents responsibilities, but also because the truly wanted to.  So about a month ago I started looking up some restaurants to see what was out there.  I live in a bigger city, but we don't have a lot of options when it comes to this stuff.  And I was pretty shocked and intimidated when I saw the price tags attached to renting a room and having a simple buffet!

So I did what any girl would do.  I ignored it.  I would tell Carmen "Oh yeah I've been looking but haven't decided yet" every time she talked about it.

Well, she caught onto me and (thankfully) went behind my back and did it all for me!  Can I get a WOOP WOOP!

This might piss some brides off .... but noooottttt me.  

See, we already have a large wedding party.  And being that it'll be a Catholic ceremony, we needed ushers, readers, people to carry the gifts, etc.  And we also have a few family members helping out with things like the music, etc.  So when I wrote out a list of people and their guests, our list was well over 50 people for just a rehearsal dinner!  So looking at the menu prices for some of these places just gave me a knot in my stomach.  How would we ask them to pay that? Wouldn't it be easier just to grill some burgers and dogs in someones backyard?  Come on people! You're killin me!

But, it didn't kill Carmen and she called around until she settled on El Pinto - a great little Mexican restaurant with a great environment.  It's one I had looked at before .... but my jaw dropped when I saw that one of the cheaper buffet options was THIRTY DOLLARS A PERSON!  Yeah, you can do the math on that one. 

When she called to tell me she had made the reservation, that stupid little knot came right back.  I called Brian to talk to him about it because I felt so bad that they'd be spending that much money on us!!  He felt bad too, so he talked with his parents and they assured us to the moon and back that this was what they wanted to do, and that they were happy to do it for us.  

Can we say amazing?  I am SO grateful for this!!!! Not only have they helped us out in so many other aspects of this wedding, but this just makes me appreciate them so so much (not like I already didn't, but you know!).  She totally saved me from Bridezilla-ing out! 

Not to mention, I'm also thankful that she isn't a mother-in-law-zilla (totally made that up) and that she plans things like this that I actually like!  Another point for Carmen!

Man, weddings are HARD!

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