Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Girls

As we mingled with everyone at our engagement party, the questions started to fly.

"Do you know what date you're thinking about yet?"
"What about a place?"
"Who will be your maid of honor?"
"Do you want to get married in the church?"

It was SO overwhelming.  My go-to answer was ", I just got engaged 5 minutes ago I'm still trying to soak this in!"

But, being the anxious person that I am, I got to planning right away. Brian's mom used to be a wedding planner of sorts and she had already scared me to death by saying "You should get on things as soon as you can. Places book up very quickly and you want to have options to look into when you set a date!"  So, set a date I did and the planning began.

One of the first things I did was to form my side of the wedding party.  B and I talked about who we'd like to have and settled on the number. 7 Was the lucky number for both of us. That's right, our wedding party will be 16 (including the flower girl and our ring security). We just have too many darn friends and family!!

As a self admitted Pinterest addict ... I looked through probably hundreds of ideas about how to ask my girls to stand up with me at my wedding.  Everything just seemed too cheesy.  I hated the corny poems, and the little ring boxes saying things like "Now it's my turn to pop the question". Totally not me.

So I bought some simple monogrammed cards at good ole Tar-jay (kicking myself for not having pictures!) and wrote each girl a small but very personal note asking each of them to be my MOH/bridesmaid.  Without further ado - my ladies....

Salise will be my Maid of Honor.  She and I have been friends since the first day of high school. She lived with me for awhile back in those days as well.  She's been one of the few people in my life who has always told me things like they were/are.  Even if it may not be in the nicest of ways all the time, I've always appreciated her honesty. She's' been through a lot this year and it's made her an even better person inside and out.  She's going to be a great MOH!

Janean is my oldest friend.  We've known each other since our days in preschool taking naps together at  good 'ole Alphabet Junction. She married my best guy friend, Jay, a few years back and them being together has taught me so much about relationships and marriage. She is also the main reason that Brian and I are together.  She encouraged me to put myself out there and I am so so thankful that she did!!

Stephy came into our "crew" about 6 years ago. She was super quiet at first and I didn't think we'd ever have much in common. I was SO wrong. Over the years she has become one of the most patient, caring and understanding friends I've ever had. She's also about to burst with her first baby and I can't wait to squeeze that kid!!

Jess is Steph's sister and came into our group a little after Steph did.  Again, I'd never guess our friendship would turn into what it has. For many years there we were pretty out of control and we had a blast running wild together.  She was the epitome of a partner in crime and we have made a ton of memories traveling together for random concerts and also working together in the business she owns. Jess has got to be the most nonjudgemental person I've ever known and is one of the few people I can talk to about my deep dark scary secrets. She's quite a riot!

Lauren, oh, my sweet Chicky.  We had a rough start.  We've also known each other from high school but we didn't become close until the past few years.  We completely misunderstood each other and we needed some time to figure the other out.  Sad to say some super rough times brought us together, but I'm so glad that they did.  Chicky will give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it and she always goes out of the way to make sure you have everything you need.  I'm so thankful that we worked out our ridiculous drama and that she'll be up at that alter with me on the big day!!!

Jenny is Brian's sister which obviously makes her my soon to be SIL. She has been welcoming and accepting of me since day 1.  Brian is the baby so sometimes sisters can be overprotective and kind of mean to put it nicely.  That's not Jen at all.  I felt like a part of the family right away and she is an absolute blast to hang out with.

And last but not least, Valerie.  She's Brian's cousin and he debated putting her on his side instead, but I'm glad that he didn't! Val is pretty much Brian's second sister.  Just like Jenny, she was so inviting and welcoming to me when we first started dating.  She'll do anything for her family and I'm so excited to get to officially call her my cousin as well!

Oh!  I can't forget about my little munchkin Sofia! Sof is Jenny's daughter and my soon to be niece. She'll have just finished 1st grade when we get married and acts like she's 6 going on 17. She's creative, gorgeous, and has such a  big heart - especially when it comes to her baby brother Samuel.

That sums up my side of the par-tay.  Next up comes the fun details ... the dresses, the shoes, the veils, oh my!!

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